Coursera course: #talkmentalillness

February 22, 2021

Dear SANS Colleagues,
I am humbled to announce the release of the brand new online Coursera course #talkmentalillness today! You can find the course information below to pass along with colleagues, friends and family. This includes over 35 interviews featuring several of our fellow SANS colleagues discussing pressing issues in mental health, personal stories of how they go into the field, and a vision for a brighter future ahead. You can find more details below:
We are witnessing a global mental health crisis like no other time before. This course provides a unique and intimate first-hand exposure to conversations with world famous experts in mental health and illness who will discuss the causes and treatments for common and severe psychological disorders, the stigma that shrouds mental illness and how to combat it, impacts on children, teens, and their families; and challenges facing underserved communities and how to combat racism and promote equity in mental health care. I hope this course will provide you with tools to better understand today’s biggest mental health challenges, enhance your own emotional wellness, and spark conversations around the world to bring mental illness back into the spotlight.
Course information here:
Here’s a previous media release from the University of Colorado Boulder:
You can also find us on social media using the hashtag #talkmentalillness

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