Boyd McCandless Award

November 13, 2020

Boyd McCandless Award
Sponsored by APA’s Division 7 (Developmental Psychology), the Boyd McCandless Award<> recognizes a young scientist who has made a distinguished theoretical contribution to developmental psychology, has conducted programmatic research of distinction, or has made a distinguished contribution to the dissemination of developmental science. The award is for continued efforts rather than a single outstanding work.
Eligibility: Scientists who are within eight years of completion of their doctoral degree, or who graduated in 2013 or later, are eligible for nomination for this year’s Boyd McCandless Award. In special circumstances when the scientist has taken an extended leave of absence (e.g., for his/her own serious health condition, for the birth or care of his/her child, to care for an immediate family member who has a serious health condition, etc.), one extra year of eligibility may be granted. Any scientist wishing to be considered for an extra year of eligibility should submit a letter explaining the circumstances to the Chairs of the Award Committee along with official documentation of the leave.
Application: The annual deadline is March 15.
Nominations should include:
* A letter of nomination.
* The nominee’s curriculum vitae.
* Up to four representative publications.
* Suggestions for three potential referees.
Please email nomination materials to the chairs of the selection committee:
Elizabeth Gunderson<>
Department of Psychology
Temple University
Jennifer Silvers<>
Department of Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles

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