University of London, Centre for the Politics of Feelings: Fellowships

April 21, 2021

Announcing the creation of a new interdisciplinary Centre for the Politics of Feelings, a partnership between the School of Advanced Study and its Institute of Philosophy & the Warburg Institute, University of London & Royal Holloway, University of London, funded by the NOMIS Foundation.
The Centre is devoted to the interdisciplinary understanding of emotional politics, and will address from a multi-disciplinary perspective, how affect and emotions and their underlying neurophysiological mechanisms shape political behaviour in intricate couplings with rationality, as well as how politics shapes and exploits our affect and emotions. Over the next few months we will be recruiting the first generation of Early Career Fellows.
The Centre will offer between three and five full-time fellowships, in the following areas : (i) political psychology and/or social-affective neuroscience, (ii) quantitative political science, and (iii) digital humanities or computational social sciences. These fellowships are aimed at early career researchers (i.e. Post-docs with PhD completed prior to commencement). The fellowships are available from September 1st 2021 or soon thereafter, for a period of three years and present an exciting opportunity for the successful applicants to undertake novel research in the areas of affect, emotions and politics.
We aim to offer to fellows the freedom and the intellectual and financial support to pursue their own research interests as they will be presented in their research proposal and to work creatively across disciplines to produce internationally exciting research. We are therefore looking for candidates who share the Centre’s vision for interdisciplinary research on the politics of feelings. Successful candidates should have an ability to develop innovative research ideas, to turn research ideas into impactful projects, and work across disciplines.
More details about the positions we offer can be found here :
In addition to the fellowships we offer, we also see the Centre as an intellectual space where different disciplines and research teams can come together to work on projects focused on political emotions. If you are therefore interested in this area and have suggestions about collaborations please do get in touch.
The Centre’s website can be found here<…> and its twitter handle is @PoliticFeeling<…> . Do have a look at your website if interested and/or follow us on Twitter.

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