University of California Riverside, The Social Neuroscience Lab: Postdoctoral Fellow

March 19, 2021

The Social Neuroscience Lab at the University of California Riverside (PI: Brent Hughes), is considering applications for a postdoctoral fellow starting in Summer or Fall 2021. The postdoctoral fellow will spearhead an NSF-funded project on race biases in perception and learning, in collaboration with Dr. Nick Camp (University of Michigan), as well as have the freedom to develop their own research projects within the lab.
Research in the lab focuses broadly on questions related to the self, social cognition, intergroup processes, and social behavior. We use functional neuroimaging, behavioral experiments, computational modeling, and experience sampling to gain deeper insights into how people acquire and represent rich structured knowledge about themselves and their social worlds, how motivations and prior beliefs influence these processes, and how people connect with one another. More information about the lab’s research can be found here<>.
The postdoctoral fellow will have the freedom to develop their own studies and collaborate with other researchers in the lab, while devoting approximately two-thirds of their effort to supporting ongoing NSF-funded projects. The position is designed for a talented and productive researcher with a PhD in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, or related field. The position involves (i) designing fMRI and behavioral experiments, (ii) managing data collection, (iii) analyzing data, (iv) preparing manuscripts for publication, and (v) assisting and supervising the work of other lab members. This fellowship provides a transition to career independence by honing professional skills, an individualized mentoring plan to support training goals, and publication of research during the appointment period.
Ideal candidates should possess (i) intellectual creativity and curiosity, (ii) a strong background in the design and analysis of behavioral and fMRI research, (iii) data analytic skills, especially focused on fMRI data, timeseries approaches (e.g., multilevel models, growth modeling) and/or network analysis techniques, (iv) intellectual and practical autonomy, and (v) excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, including the capacity to work with and lead collaborative, supportive, and inclusive teams.
Applicants can contact Dr. Hughes (<>) with a CV, a 2-page personal/research statement, and contact details for up to 3 referees. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until a suitable candidate is selected. Duration and start time are negotiable.
The Psychology Department at the University of California Riverside is committed to devoting research and educational resources to understand the causes and consequences of inequality and the sources that promote resilience and well-being among diverse groups. To do so successfully, we strive for a representative faculty and graduate student body to serve as role models with cultural expertise to support an excellent and diverse student body. For more information on diversity and inclusion, please visit:

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