Stanford University, Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab: Research Assistants

February 02, 2021

The Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab<> (PI: Jamil Zaki) invites applications for 1-2 full-time research assistant positions, to begin in Summer or Fall of 2021, for a term of at least 1 year. Candidates can find out more about our lab and the work we do here<> and here<>.
We seek highly motivated individuals with a BA or BS in Psychology, Neuroscience, or related fields to assist Dr. Zaki and members of his lab on a large, collaborative project combining social network analysis, experience sampling, and neuroimaging. The RA will be responsible for providing various forms of research-related support, including recruitment, running, and payment of human subjects, stimulus and paradigm development, and data maintenance and analysis. This individual will form a key part of a multi-person team; as such, exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills are required. A background in neuroimaging research, social network analysis, and/or programming is preferred, but not required. Interested candidates can find application materials here<>.

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