Sapienza University of Rome, The Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab: Post graduate PhD position

April 05, 2021

Three-year-full-time postgraduate PhD position WHERE: at Sapienza University of Rome, at the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab ( FELLOWSHIP AMOUNT: € 19.800,00 per year APPLICATION: DEADLINE: 15th of April 2021 ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: degree obtained by April 15, 2021 from a non-Italian institution APPLICATION MUST INCLUDE: – Proposal of a research project (not exceeding 8.000 characters) – Motivation letter (brief statement explaining his/her PhD course choice and the candidate’s scientific interests); – Two letters of recommendation by university professors or eminent researchers/experts of equivalent status Research area: interoceptive and exteroceptive foundations of bodily self, plasticity of self-representation and (bodily) self-identity. These themes are investigated with behavioral and neuroimaging techniques in neurotypical individuals and in individuals with various disorders of the self-representation, such as depersonalization and anorexia nervosa.

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