Research Collaboration Opportunity for NIDER – Neurobiology of Individual Differences in Emotion Regulation

October 21, 2021

Emotion regulation is a very popular research topic within the field of affective neuroscience and an extensive number of neuroimaging studies have investigated the neural correlates of one of the most prominent regulation strategies – reappraisal. We are part of this community and aim to shed more light onto the relationship between individual differences (e.g. habitual reappraisal use, reappraisal capacity) and neural responses within the emotion regulation network. As we all know, single fMRI studies often lack statistical power to meaningfully relate individual differences in emotion regulation ability or traits with neural responses. Therefore, we started a collaborative meta-analysis project named “Neurobiology of Individual Differences in Emotion Regulation” – NIDER!

We would like to invite you to be part of this exciting research project by collaborating with us to quantitatively link dimensional constructs to neural brain responses.

About this project

The purpose of this meta-analysis is to quantify the association between regulatory brain networks and individual differences in the capability (and tendency) to employ cognitive reappraisal. In many previous studies, questionnaire measures of cognitive reappraisal have been included, but only a limited number of studies explicitly reported analyses on associations between questionnaires and brain activity during reappraisal. Therefore, this meta-analysis will be both collaborative and image-based, meaning researchers with applicable data are invited to become co-authors on the resulting manuscripts for providing group-level t-maps for the contrasts of interest.

Who we are

We are two early career researchers, Dr. Jenny Zähringer; Maurizio Sicorello, from the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim in Germany supported by Prof. Dr. Carmen Morawetz from the Affective Neuroscience Lab at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Who can join?

We have a few questions first:

  • Have you collected task-based fMRI data to study reappraisal?
  • Have you collected data on reappraisal success and/or a questionnaire measuring habitual use of reappraisal (e.g. ERQ)?
  • And all this within a healthy sample (including healthy control groups in clinical studies)?

If you answer all the above questions with “YES!”, you should become part of our research initiative! We kindly ask you to perform one subsequent analysis and send us the resulting unthresholded t-maps. And that’s all!

For more information and details on the project and data extraction, please visit our website on or write a mail to


So little time! So much to know! We know, time is precious and everyone is always busy with lots of other things. BUT don’t miss your chance to provide your data, gain a co-authorship and help to better understand the individual differences associated with emotion regulation! The extended deadline for data submission is the 1st of December 2021. If you’re not sure you can make the deadline, feel free to contact us nonetheless.

Please feel free to share this mail with anyone who might be interested in participating!

Best wishes,
Jenny, Carmen, Maurizio

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