Research Assistant Position in Functional Neuroimaging

August 27, 2021

The Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging (CFMI) located at Georgetown University, is looking to hire two full-time research assistants with a strong interest in cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging.

CFMI is a fully equipped research imaging center with a 3T Siemens MRI system, a near-infrared spectroscopy optical imaging systems, a high-density EEG (256 channels), fMRI-compatible EEG, and a transcranial magnetic stimulator. Our investigators are conducting a number of studies examining the neural mechanisms of language, perception, developmental disorders, decision making and reward processing, substance abuse, and brain plasticity.

This position will involve being trained to run our MRI scanner, working on data analyses, and interacting with a wide variety of participant populations including children with autism and other neuropsychiatric disorders as well as individuals with strokes and mild cognitive impairment. Some specific requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree required upon start date
  • Requires some experience collecting data with human subjects/working in a research environment
  • Experience with MRI/fMRI preferred but not necessary – Programming and/or scripting experience preferred
  • Working in a team environment

Major research projects that will be undertaken in the lab include working on cloud computing solutions for neuroimaging data analyses collected as part of a longitudinal substance use initiation study in adolescents as well as piloting new fMRI tasks.

This is a great position for those wanting research experience before applying for graduate school. If interested please send resume to: John VanMeter;

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