Research Assistant/Lab Manager, The Social Cognitive & Neural Sciences Lab at Columbia University

March 14, 2023

The Social Cognitive & Neural Sciences Lab at Columbia University, directed by Jon Freeman, is considering applications for a full-time research assistant / lab manager position starting in Fall 2023. The lab manager will contribute to several programs of research in the lab, including the cognitive and neural mechanisms involved in person perception, emotion, and social decision-making. The lab uses a variety of techniques, including functional neuroimaging, behavioral paradigms, and computational modeling. More information on the lab’s research can be found at

Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinate and conduct neuroimaging and behavioral experiments
  • Process and analyze data, and program experimental tasks
  • General lab administration, including supervising research assistants, planning meetings and events, maintaining lab equipment and computers, and other duties

Other preferred qualifications include:

  • Prior fMRI research experience
  • Computational, statistical, and technical skills (e.g. Python, R, Javascript)
  • Experience analyzing fMRI and behavioral data

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience or other related fields, and excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills are required.

To apply please visit:

For questions, please email Jon Freeman.

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