Research Assistant/Lab Manager Position at Harvard University

July 20, 2021

Research Assistant/Lab Manager Position at Harvard University

The laboratories of Fiery Cushman and Joshua Greene are soliciting applications for a joint Research Assistant (Lab Manager) to begin work in 2021 in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. This will be a full-time position with full benefits and a salary of approximately $45,000 annually.

Our labs conduct research on topics including moral judgment and decision-making, social cognition, decision-making, intergroup cooperation, and the infrastructure of complex (compositional) thought. See the Greene Lab ( and Cushman Lab ( websites for more information.

Many people in our labs had their own first exposure to psychological research as a research assistant, and we are committed to making the job productive, educational and enjoyable. It will require hard work, but it is an ideal way to learn more about psychological research and develop your talents. If you decide to apply for graduate school, this job is an excellent addition to your CV, and we will do everything we can to support your career.

Job Responsibilities:

The Research Assistant (Lab Manager) will be responsible for the general administrative functioning of the labs as well as designing, conducting and analyzing experiments in collaboration with the PIs and other lab members. Administrative duties include purchasing, managing finances, obtaining ethics approval for studies, and recruiting and scheduling subjects. The RA/LM will also play an important role in recruiting, training, and overseeing undergraduate research assistants. Finally, we rely on the RA/LM to help conduct research central to the labs’ missions. We make an effort to allow the RA/LM substantial ownership over the research projects.


  • Basic: College background or work experience in psychology or related discipline.
  • Additional: Some elements to highlight in your application include any background in empirical research, leadership experience, and evidence of responsibility, self-motivation and independence. If you happen to have specific skills in computer programming (e.g. web design, java, MATLAB, python, R, etc.), or neuroscience (e.g., fMRI), please mention that as well. These skills are not required.

Additional Information:

This is a one-year term position, starting on or around July 31, 2021, with renewal dependent upon continuation of funding. Availability to continue through June or July 2023 is preferred but not required. Hours will vary week-to-week and will sometimes include evenings and weekends.

The application portal will be open by July 23 at, listed under requisition number 54766BR. When applying for this position please submit your resume and cover letter in our preferred format as one combined document (resume followed by cover letter).

All formal offers will be made by FAS Human Resources. Position will remain open until filled.

The Department of Psychology sits within the Division of Social Science, which is strongly committed to creating and supporting a diverse workforce. Respect and fairness, kindness and collegiality, and trust and transparency are among the values we espouse and promote in our workplace culture. We work hard to ensure a healthy, inclusive and positive environment where everyone does their best work in support of Harvard’s mission. For more information, please see our departmental Diversity Statement:

Harvard is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Kirstan Brodie
Lab Manager
Moral Psychology Research Lab
Greene Lab
Harvard University

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