Postdoctoral Scholar, The Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Iowa

March 14, 2023

The Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab ( at the University of Iowa, is looking to hire one postdoctoral scholar on a fully funded 2 year position with competitive salary at the earliest time point, with flexible starting dates available throughout 2023.

The post-doctoral scholar would perform research within the context of Social Cognitive Neuroscience using cutting-edge neuroimaging and behavioral methods. Specific topics will be organized in accordance with the applicant’s interests and expertise but will be broadly related to the neural mechanisms underlying social cognition. Ongoing research in the lab includes processing of dynamic and multimodal complex stimuli, encoding models of social cognition, functional connectivity of the amygdala, atypical functional connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorders, plasticity in the social brain following actual and virtual brain lesions in neurological patients and/or TMS, causal discovery method application to neuroimaging data.

Interested candidates are encouraged to review further details here

To apply please use the above link or send a CV and cover letter (naming 3 references) to . Feel free to reach out with questions related to the positions as well.

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