Postdoctoral Associate, Chang Lab at Yale University

June 15, 2022

We are hiring up to 2 new Postdoctoral Associate to be engaged in non-human primate social neurophysiology research in the Chang lab at Yale University (

Applicants with the following skills are particularly encouraged to apply: (a) research background in systems or cognitive neuroscience, (b) expertise in electrophysiology in behaving animals, and/or (c) highly quantitative data analytic skills, which may include computational modeling. This postdoctoral associate will carry out multi-channel, multi-area, electrophysiological recordings while pairs of non-human primates are engaged in social interactions. This individual will be required to generate electrophysiological data, perform high-level data analyses, and learn to perform necessary surgeries required for our research. This individual will also lead a team within the lab to propel the research in a collaborative environment.

Candidates will be reviewed in a rolling basis until the position is filled. We will try our best to accommodate candidate’s schedule (but, the earlier the starting date, the better!).

Postdoctoral training in Neuroscience at Yale provides a strong environment for conducting successful and rigorous postdoctoral research toward obtaining an independent position. The neuroscience community at Yale is highly active and involves multiple academic departments, including the Departments of Psychology, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, and more. Further, the Yale’s Wu Tsai Institute, the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience, and the Swartz Center for Theoretical Neurobiology provide excellent opportunities for postdoctoral training.

Yale and the Chang lab highly value diversity among its students, faculty, and staff. Women, persons with disabilities, protected veterans, and underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV (including any papers under review or still “in prep”) and just the names of two reference contacts to: 

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