Neuroeconomics Summer School, University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

January 23, 2023

Neuroeconomics Summer School

July 17-29, 2023

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

The Neuroeconomics Summer School brings together postdocs and advanced graduate students in Neuroscience, Psychology, Economics, and related disciplines for intensive and advanced study of the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of Neuroeconomics. The course will feature daily lectures by leading international faculty on Neuroeconomics, and will cover experimental and theoretical work on economic decision making in humans as well as animal models. Workshops and experimental projects will take place in the evenings.

Those interested in attending the Summer School must submit a CV, a personal statement on why the applicant is interested in participating, and contact information for two (2) references.  If an applicant needs scholarship/financial aid, they can provide an additional justification on their application indicating the reason for and level of requested aid.

Applications are due February 19, 2023.

Click here for more program information, and to apply!

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