Kessler Foundation: Research Assistant

April 09, 2021

Kessler Foundation is looking for a full-time research assistant to work on an R01 funded project (PI Dobryakova). The project focuses on examining neural correlates of learning and feedback timing in individuals with traumatic brain injury and depression.
Responsibilities include the following:
* Recruit/enroll research participants * Schedule and coordinate study visits * Interview participants according to the research protocol * Administer neuropsychological test battery * Administer SCID * Coordinate/monitor fMRI data collection * Conduct and/or assist with data analyses * Manage electronic and paper databases Qualifications include the following:
* Bachelor’s degree in behavioral or biological sciences or a related discipline * Previous experience in academic and/or clinical research * Excellent administrative and problem-solving skills * Proficient computer skills * Strong communication/writing skills Candidate must be comfortable working in a medical setting. Experience with data analysis software is a plus.
Qualified candidates should send their CV to<>

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