Gallaudet University – Washington D.C., Educational Neuroscience Program: Tenured Associate/Full Professorship

January 05, 2021

Tenured Associate/Full Professorship in the PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) Program and the Science of Learning Research Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) to assume Leadership, Teaching, and Scientific roles.
Job Overview The exciting interdisciplinary PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) program and its administrative home, the Science of Learning Research Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) at Gallaudet University (Washington, D.C.) is seeking an individual with an extensive track record of publications, grants, and scientific contributions in brain and/or behavioral studies involving early child development, specifically, Cognitive Neuroscience and/or Behavioral Science and/or Developmental Sciences studies, with a strength (broadly defined) in cognition, language-literacy, and cognitivesocial development. In addition to conducting research in their area of expertise, the individual will also assume several leadership roles within the VL2/PEN/Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (CNI) organization as follows: 1) Co-Principal Investigator of the VL2 Center; 2) Program Director of the PEN program; and 3) the Collaborative Supervisor of “The VL2 Toolkit,” a collection of four renowned national translational products of VL2. The individual will also be a Professor in PEN and teach one course per year in Advanced Statistics. Gallaudet’s VL2 Center was founded in 2006, as a significant investment by the National Science Foundation (under a Collaborative Agreement with Gallaudet University), and one of only six Science of Learning Centers in the United States. VL2’s stated purpose is to advance the Science of Learning specifically involving how aspects of human higher cognition are realized through one of our most central senses, vision. VL2 seeks to determine the effects of visual processes, visual language, and social experience on the development of cognition, language, reading and literacy for the benefit of all humans, especially deaf visual learners. Gallaudet is a deaf-serving bilingual institution, and as such, researchers in the VL2 Center have unparalleled opportunities to conduct research related to American Sign Language (ASL), deaf experience, language acquisition, ASL as a second language, bilingualism and to form connections with deaf schools and communities across the country. Since its inception, VL2 has grown into a national and international hub for the advancement of scientific discoveries, the development of mechanisms for translating its scientific discoveries for the benefit of society, and for training the next generation of scientists and scientific leaders. Its PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) program (founded in 2013) pioneers new Cognitive Neuroscience/Educational Neuroscience research especially involving how all deaf and hearing children learn. The successful candidate will work as part of a three-person leadership team of the VL2 Research Center, composed of two Co-Principal Investigators (each of whom have distinct multiple leadership roles), and the VL2 Research Center’s Executive Director. This three-person team reports directly to the Dean of the Graduate School and Research, who oversees all Interdisciplinary Centers at Gallaudet. As a member of the VL2-PEN research faculty, all of whom are members of VL2-PEN’s recently created Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (CNI), the individual will join colleagues who use a broad array of neuroimaging and behavioral technologies (fNIRs, MRI, EEG, Thermal IR imaging, Face/Eyetracking) to advance new understanding of deaf and hearing children’s acquisition of language and bilingualism, reading, literacy, higher cognition, math and numeracy, action perception and embodied cognition, and emotional development (affective neuroscience, especially the impact of negative emotions on learning in children). As the Collaborative Supervisor, the successful candidate will engage in collaborative/team-based oversight of VL2’s collection of four national translation products, called “The VL2 Toolkit”- (i) ASL Assessment System, (ii) Data Sharing Program, (iii) Web-Coordinated Toolkit site, (iv) VL2 Marketplace- working with the VL2 Early Education and Literacy Database Manager. Together, the successful candidate and Manager will enjoy and participate in the creative extension and oversight of the exciting activities involving the assessment of early language and cognitive development and emerging literacy science in deaf and hearing children. Working in the three-person leadership team, the successful candidate will further enjoy the VL2 Research Center’s transformative translation of science spanning revolutionary robotics and avatar language learning tools to the creation of virtual reality language and reading apps using state-of-the art Motion Capture. The new faculty member will have vibrant opportunities to work collaboratively with members across the home VL2/PEN/CNI network of seven research laboratories (one of which has a vibrant center for neuroimaging training and certification), the consortium of universities in the Greater Washington DC Area, and, importantly, the extensive network of researchers and scholars spanning the Gallaudet University community. As a core mission outgrowth of VL2/PEN/CNI, our research center is fundamentally linked to an active network of more than 20 leading world universities (through formal MOUs) with scholars in Cognitive Neuroscience and neuroimaging around the globe. The PEN program is further propelled by the goal of achieving great excellence in teaching, and to provide its students with the most cutting-edge knowledge, healthy and lively critical analysis and discussion, strong mentorship, and a great richness and diversity of career paths.
Qualifications Candidates must show (i) a significant record of innovation and leadership in research, scholarship, and demonstration of excellence in one’s established and innovative research program that is linked with learning and education in children, (ii) a significant record of achievement in teaching, (iii) significant and concrete leadership experience directing programs, departments, research centers or research units at the senior academic level beyond running/directing one’s personal laboratory. Additionally, successful candidates must also have (iv) a PhD or EdD in Cognitive Neuroscience (Educational Neuroscience), or in a behavioral science with demonstrably strong links to Cognitive Psychology, Human Learning, or Child Development; (v) an outstanding publication record in international refereed journals in which the candidate made first/senior author and original contributions to many of the works; (vi) an established history of federal grant funding, and (vii) proficiency in American Sign Language and knowledge of deaf culture.
Responsibilities: The successful candidate will maintain a highly successful research program in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and/or the Child Developmental Sciences (inclusive of combined neuroimaging and/or behavioral sciences experimentation), engage in teaching, PEN graduate student mentorship in the candidate’s own lab, and scholarly dissemination activities that yield new publications and new external federal grant funding. Because of the high demands of the leadership expectations for this position, the candidate can expect commensurate course releases apart from teaching one course per year in Advanced Statistics. At the time of hire, the candidate will assume the leadership roles of VL2 Co-Principal Investigator, PEN Program Director, and the Collaborative Supervisor of “The VL2 Toolkit” (the VL2 Research Center’s national translation product). As part of the responsibility as the Collaborative Supervisor of “The VL2 Toolkit,” the successful candidate will maintain and develop the existing VL2 Assessment and Data Sharing Tools and will supervise the Early Education and Literacy Database Manager assigned to advance and manage these systems. The candidate will also serve as Supervisor of the VL2 Executive Director, as well as the Supervisor of the Manager of Center Operations. The candidate will also work to build and sustain partnerships with other universities and to encourage innovation and creativity in building diverse, meaningful, and principled two-way partnerships spanning science and society. Gallaudet University is a bilingual university and serves deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students from many different backgrounds and seeks to develop a workforce that reflects the diversity of its student body. Gallaudet is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer and actively encourages deaf, hard of hearing members of traditionally underrepresented groups, people with disabilities, women, and veterans to apply for open positions.
Compensation Associate/Full Professor: Rank and salary dependent on experience and qualifications.
Application Information Review of applications to begin immediately. Send a curriculum vitae, representative publications, and a detailed cover letter specifically demonstrating each of the following five (5) points inclusively: (1) Evidence of your quality of scholarly and research training and your research activities specifically related to Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, or to the Child Developmental Sciences, with a clear identification of your areas of methodological expertise, (2) clear “Statement of Five-Year Research Program” (3) your unique understanding and approach to the emerging field of Educational Neuroscience, (4) teaching experiences and, specifically, including a “Statement of Teaching Philosophy,” and (5) how your expertise in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, or the Child Developmental Sciences informs learning in young children, that is, an articulation of a “Statement of the Translational Significance” of your research program/contributions. Under separate cover, please have three letters of reference sent; all correspondence should be addressed to: PhD in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) Program Search Committee Attention: Dean Gaurav Mathur Gallaudet University 800 Florida Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002-3695 Review of completed applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled; employment is expected to begin summer 2021. Specific questions may be addressed to Dean Mathur (Gaurav.Mathur@Gallaudet.Edu)

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