Full-Time Research Coordinator, The Life History Lab (LHL) and the Cornell Action Research Collaborative (ARC), Ithaca, NY

January 25, 2023

The Life History Lab (LHL) and the Cornell Action Research Collaborative (ARC) are seeking to hire a full-time research coordinator in Ithaca, NY. These two organizations are working together to promote action research more generally and to incorporate action research into human neuroscience specifically. The candidate must have interest in psychophysiological research and have a deep commitment to community-engagement and equity. This is a unique interdisciplinary opportunity to engage in neuroscience and action research across multiple projects at varying levels of engagement with community members in upstate New York.

  1. The LHL examines mechanisms of social determinants of heath through a social and community neuroscience lens. We study how physical and social affordances calibrate neural systems and behaviors especially as they relate to social and affective processes in adolescence and adulthood. The lab collects behavioral, survey, psychophysiological, geographic information system, genetic, and MRI data. Principal Investigator [PI] Dr. Marlen Z Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez is a member of ARC and director of the Community Neuroscience Initiative.
  2. ARC’s mission is to develop, implement, and evaluate equitable and sustainable research-practice-policy partnerships that can generate solutions to improve the lives of community. ARC involves community partnerships from multiple disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches. Community partners are involved at all phases of the project. To learn more about ARC visit Action Research Collaborative – Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (cornell.edu). Co-directors: Dr. Neil Lewis, Jr and Dr. Tashara M. Leak.

The research coordinator will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with researchers, community organizers, and policy makers to advance the mission of the ARC and the LHL. This is a public-facing position and the research coordinator will manage multiple LHL and ARC research projects in upstate New York (current partners/teams are located in Syracuse, Buffalo, and Albany).  This includes travel to the above cities on a regular basis, sometimes as often as multiple times per month, and will require coordinating research and administrative duties conducted in teams across the partner locations and in Ithaca, NY. Travel to the ARC headquarters in NYC may also happen periodically, at least once a year, but possibly multiple times. Over the long run, the research coordinator will spend 50% of their time working with each organization evenly, but there will likely be overlap and periods of uneven effort. This will be managed by the PI and Co-directors, who are used to working closely and sharing staff.  The research coordinator will assume a lead role in every aspect of research including recruitment, screening, data collection of all kinds, survey preparation, data cleaning, participant payment management and record retention, data management, preliminary analysis, and the generation of tables and figures for dissemination. The research coordinator will also be responsible for the management of a large team of research assistants and will contribute expertise and administrative support to assist graduate students with certain aspects of their projects. The candidate must be able to work independently under very general direction. In addition, the research coordinator must be comfortable working with many different partners ranging from academics, community members, and public policy officials, and have a deep commitment to community engagement and equity.

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