Boston College, The Morality Lab: Research Analyst

March 18, 2021

The Morality Lab at Boston College, led by Liane Young, is seeking a full-time Research Analyst, with a two-year commitment. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position has been filled, with the position starting as early as May 2021 and no later than July 2021. The Research Analyst will work in tandem with a full-time lab manager, who will hold more administrative duties. We expect that the position will be remote until September 2021, after which the RA will be asked to work in person in Boston.
Graduate students and postdocs in the Morality Lab research diverse topics related to social and moral cognition: for example, the role of reasoning in moral thought and action, the involvement of theory of mind across social and relational contexts (e.g., cooperation vs competition), social learning and prediction error, the tradeoff between principles of moral obligation and impartiality, and the impact of social norms on virtuous behavior. The lab uses behavioral methods (e.g., online data collection), fMRI, TMS, and computational modeling, in both typical and atypical populations, adults and children. Learn more by visiting
Job responsibilities will include:
– Assisting graduate students and postdocs in all lines of research (e.g. recruiting participants, collecting and analyzing behavioral and fMRI data, mentoring and training undergraduate research assistants and senior lab members)
– Ensuring that the lab is active in supporting the best practices of open and reproducible science (e.g. pre-registering studies, making datasets and analysis scripts publicly available, etc.)
– Maintaining and updating lab analysis scripts (particularly fMRI scripts) to be in line with current and emerging practices; maintaining detailed and comprehensible documentation of lab scripts/practices
The Research Analyst will also have opportunities to design, conduct, publish and present original research projects. This position is ideal for individuals who are interested in applying to graduate school.
Candidates should have a B.A./B.S. in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, or a related field. Candidates should have prior research experience, as well as knowledge of the statistical methods and experimental designs that are commonly used in psychological research. Candidates should also have a strong
background in programming (see below). Finally, candidates should have strong organizational abilities, be independent and eager to learn new skills on their own, and be able to work well with others, as effective and patient communicators.
Preferred qualifications include (1) proficiency in Matlab, Python, R, and/or JavaScript; (2) experience analyzing neuroimaging data, (3) a desire to improve upon existing analytical techniques currently used in the lab.
To apply, please email Aditi Kodipady (<>), Kevin Jiang (<>), and Liane Young (<>) with a CV (titled as ‘LastName_CV’) and a statement explaining current and future research interests as well as specific interests in joining the Morality Lab. Please also provide contact information for two references and include “Morality Lab Research Analyst Application” in the subject line of any correspondence.
Review of applications will start immediately and proceed until the position is filled. Women, LGBTQ and under-represented minority applicants are encouraged to apply. Boston College is An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. In addition to comprehensive health and dental insurance plans, Boston College offers many other benefits, including various types of insurance coverage, tuition remission opportunities, a 401(k) plan match, and a significant number of paid holidays and vacation days.

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