Assistant Research Professor at Penn State

January 12, 2022

General responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing the breadth of projects in the CAT lab, helping coordinate across studies
  • Providing overall administrative support for the lab
  • Supervising lab members
  • Helping lead study design and implementation
  • Coordinating with Dr. Pérez-Edgar to set and meet lab aims
  • Leading publications
  • Transitioning to submitting internal and external grants as PI

**More Information & Application can be found here.

Example projects include:

  • HBCD, a consortium study linking 25 sites across the country. The HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study will create a representative sample of families, recruited in pregnancy, and then followed in the first decade of life. Findings from this cohort study will provide a template of normative neurodevelopment in infants and young children and help untangle the impacts of perinatal exposures to substances and childhood environments on developmental trajectories. Data from this comprehensive study will include infant MRI, EEG, neurodevelopmental testing, biospecimens, observed behavior, and parental report.
  • P-CAT, an NIMH-funded longitudinal study that will examine parental transmission of anxiety to preschool children. This project includes fNIRS (parent-child interpersonal neural synchronization), EEG, and behavioral coding and will focus on parent-child interaction and socialization of anxious behaviors through child observation. A sub-aim of the study focuses on anxiety transmission in fathers.
  • LAnT, is an NIMH-funded longitudinal study examining the role of attention and temperament in the early emergence of social behavior and anxiety symptoms in the first two years of life. We have completed data collection with 357 families, providing rich data for follow up analyses and publications. Data from this study include EEG, eye-tracking, observed social behavior, telomeres, and parental report. The follow up grant, currently under review, will examine the impact of temperament and neighborhoods and independent and moderating forces on anxiety trajectories.


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